First Week Back

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Thank you to All that make Us feel Liked and Loved Our first week back in a while. You definitely keep us inspired to keep the fires burning. Much appreciation for you and your support for what we do. 🙏🏼

House Open

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The house is open again for your dining pleasures. We so appreciate all of your patience, as this has been a day to day process. Come dine in, and see all the changes we have made! We are back to … Read More

Open Again

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Hello Good People. We shall be open for your dining or take out pleasures for dinner tonight, from 5-8. Thank you for supportive kindness and understanding of a small (one cook) restaurant

Open Next Week

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See you next week… With all my heart and body, We have tried to be ready to open, for you, all this time We have said so. But reality is accepting that some things need time and time alone. We … Read More

No To-Go Tonight

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Good People, We really wanted to be able to cook for you (even just for take out), but I am needed in the Dining Room to ready for dine in by the end of the week (hopefully). These late nights … Read More

Pho to Go

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Perfect day for Phô…. you’ll be able to get some between 5-8. Drive up service, lol… no really. You’ll have to drive to the back of Pasong’s and we will take it out to your vehicle 🚗…. our #, 989-791-5008. … Read More

To-Go Orders

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So sorry to everyone who have been patiently awaiting to dine in with us. Dining Room will not be ready to accommodate your dining needs (until next week). However, we will be taking call in orders (limited menu), starting now. … Read More

Time to Cure

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Dearest friends and fans of Pasong’s Cafe. We are so sorry for leaving you with cravings these last 2weeks. We have been enjoying some much needed time to Self and tending to some renovations to our House. We look forward … Read More

Restaurant Renovations

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While I’m very much enjoying time away from the kitchen, I have also been enjoying restaurant renovations. As renovations unfold, I’ve come to realize that there is so much I want to improve. That said, Pasong’s will be closed next … Read More

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