Restaurant Renovations

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While I’m very much enjoying time away from the kitchen, I have also been enjoying restaurant renovations.

As renovations unfold, I’ve come to realize that there is so much I want to improve.

That said, Pasong’s will be closed next week as well, through the 21st.

So sorry for any disappointment, but so thankful to finally do the things will make life a little lighter to live.

Much Love, friends 🙏🏼

Ps. Renovations in the kitchen have not yet begun so catering is still an option.

Send us a message through Facebook.

Our phone lines are mysteriously not working at the moment.

  1. sue schlitt
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    Been calling glad you posted this Saree wanted Pasongs before she left for her State Swim Meet oh no but understand. We will be in when you are back keep up the wonderful business you have we love you & your food! Sue from the hospital!

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