Pasong’s Story

In 1979 our mother, Pasong (pregnant with Nonnie), escaped her war torn homeland of Laos with husband Somsack and four year old daughter Tina. Our family of four arrived in Saginaw, through the Christian Missionary Alliance, on October 31st that same year. In 1982, her husband and our father passed away, leaving her with two daughters and a younger brother to care for. In her husband’s honor she opened a small Asian market named Indo-Chinese Food Store located in the Town Plaza of Bay Rd. It was there her cooking came to life.

In 1985, friends persuaded her to open her very own restaurant. Located on the corner of State and Court St. was Pasong’s Chinese Express. In 1991 she relocated to Pasong’s Cafe on the first floor of the Saginaw County Department of Health. She was a women army of waitress, cook, dishwasher and everything else that comes along with running a business. She spent happy times, one on one with supportive customers. In 1997 she relocated to our current location in Old Town Saginaw. In 2007 after 23 years of hard work (or as we like to call it, Labor of Love), it was time to pass the torch to her daughters, Tina and Nonnie, to run the family business.

We believe in carrying our Mother’s values and traditions of quality, integrity, and service. We believe in our community and buy as local as possible. Our food is always prepared as you order, without use of MSG. We are proud to offer you food we love and want to continue our Mother’s ideas that good food feeds the body, mind and soul. Thank you for all the supportive years and spreading our business throughout your family and friends.