Saturday Night #4

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Saturday Night #4 Serving Good Eats from 3 until 8 Nights like these, We crave Gai Boun (coconut curry soup). The goodness of lime leaves, ginger and Curries creates Happiness to the Senses. This is on our daily menu but … Read More

Cheers to Saturday #3

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We marinated Spatchcock (Happy Hens from Sanderson Farms of Chesaning) with tamarind and coconut milk with lemongrass and garlic. Serving with sticky rice, steamed cabbage, jeow (spicy Asian chutney) and 2 side salads for 37$ Also, because so many called … Read More

Taste Good. Feels Good.

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Care to try another version of a salad we love to eat? Mom made Vietnamese fried spring rolls (gòi cuôn) (with pork, shrimp and clear noodles). Lettuce, gai boun noodles, carrots, cucumber, cilantro, mint, scallions, with our House Thai chili … Read More

2nd Saturday Back

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2nd Saturday Back serving 3-8 Chicken Laab is our Saturday Special (Thank for Requesting. Happy it makes you Happy, too;) 8oz/14$ with side of Jasmine, Lettuce and Cucumber slices Wonton Soup and Dumplings are holding strong on the Daily Whatever … Read More

Friday Night’s Special

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Friday Night’s Special Mok Pa (Steamed Fish) w/ Artic Char Artic Char is a mild fish that flavors and textures to Salmon & Trout from the Artic Coast …. Rich in Omega-3. Your tastebuds and body with thank you. Marinated … Read More

Adding an Hour to our Days

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It’s the Little things…. Adding an Hour to our Days to Offer a little bit more convenience for you Tuesdays, 11-4 Wednesdays- Saturdays, 3-8 Stay Cozy

Happy Sunday Funday

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Happy Sunday Funday, Good People Thankful for those that made our 1st Saturday Feel Good to be Back. (You know who You are;) Thankful for our Small Staff otherwise known as a Mighty Wand;) (Credit to Jeff Berg for His … Read More

Mushroom Laab

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For those that didn’t get to try the Mushroom Laab last night, Mom insisted She make more;) …. So good Here til 8:00 Then Back on Tuesday at 11:00

1st Saturday Back

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Happy to Serve our 1st Saturday Back since Spring. Here for your food pleasures 4-8 Wishes of a Wonderful Weekend to You

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